Unmanned Aircraft System Knowledge Test Prep

Pass Your FAA Drone Knowledge Test, PERIOD

FAA knowledge test prep. 

Our course is designed to get you certified.  This test prep will ensure you pass you FAA knowledge test on the first try.  We know FAA knowledge tests and have over 20 years experience taking them.  Testing center fees will run about $150.  Once you pass your exam at an FAA testing center, we will walk you through the application process to get the remote pilot certificate in your pocket.  If for some reason you do not pass the knowledge test, simply send us your test results and we will issue a full refund* of our initial course fee.  To qualify for a refund:

  1. You must have viewed ALL of the course videos.  
  2. You must achieve an 80% or better on at least one practice test.
  3. You must submit a copy of your test results.  

*We can not issue a refund for any testing center fees.  

Once the certification process is complete, This is the simplest course available online.  We don't have long online classes, boring lectures and long drawn out videos.  This course contains five practice exams that are near carbon copies of the actual FAA test.  Taking these practice test alone (and passing them) will most certainly get you a pass the first time.  We also have test question review videos and cover the most missed questions.  Lastly, we cover some broad technical subjects like airspace.  Taking this course will guarantee a pass.       

This course will get you started with aerial photography and allow you to start making money with your drone.     

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Doug Ringering
Doug Ringering
FAA Certified Flight Instructor

About the instructor

Doug Ringering is a FAA Certified Flight Instructor with over 18,000 hours in manned aircraft and currently works in the airline industry flying Boeing 737's.  He developed and taught a advanced meteorology curriculum for Spartan College of Aeronautics while employed as a senior flight instructor.  Doug's other focus is film making.  He holds several certificates for cinematography and operates a small production house in Colorado Springs.  His company was one of the first in the industry to utilize remote piloted aircraft to obtain video for commercial use.  Doug takes his aviation background, cinematic savvy and combines them together to deliver the most versatile UAS certification course on the market today.     

What's included?

5 Quizzes